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All About
Lotti's Artsiness

Lotti's Artsiness is a small one-woman business based in Northamptonshire, England. The idea kicked off in the summer of 2023, after converting the garden shed into a fully functioning art studio. This provided the creative space to establish a range of lino printed cards and wall prints.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything made; with a conscious choosing of UK sourced materials and reusable crafting methods to produce recyclable products that people can love and use for a long time. 

As the business is only just beginning, loads of exciting product ideas are in development, such as a range of functional & decorative ceramic and textile items. 


The Inspiration 

The designs are aimed to combine the decorative with the functional.

Lino carving and ceramic practices are used due to the the care, time & patience that goes into them.

Every design is inspired by natural elements and beings, literal and mythical. 

This Is Me...

I'm Charlotte! I've always been enamored with the magic in the mundane and wanted to create things that bring people joy! 

After studying at Bath Spa University for one year, I fell in love with lino & clay and knew I wanted to focus my efforts there.
 I work part time alongside my developing business, where I completed an apprenticeship and gained skills of furniture up-cycling and candle making.
In my spare time I draw inspiration from the books I read and the treasures I find in charity shops!

for taking the time to read about the business. 
Follow @lottis_artsiness on Instagram for regular updates. 

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